Album review: Paul Weller – Sonik Kicks

March 30, 2012

Paul Weller - Sonik KicksTitle: Sonik Kicks
Artist: Paul Weller
Label: Universal Music Canada/Yep Roc Records (US)
Released: 26 March 2012
In One Word: Versatility

Paul Weller has had a few musical reincarnations. Because of this, there is a tendency to compare his new releases with his previous body of work. I choose to pretend that Mr. Weller has no past with the notable Style Council and The Jam. In other words, I’m keeping my bias to a minimum.

I listen to the album on my iPhone with my Klipsch ear buds for maximum binaural effect. This is the right move because Sonik Kicks really lives up to its name. “Green” is a high-energy, kinetic start to the album with some intriguing left and right channel fade outs. Much of the album follows suit with lots of enthusiastic electronic kicks. But the stand outs on this release are the acoustic guitar flavoured “By The Waters” and the Reggae infused “Study in Blue” with Gotan Project-like accordion.

Previous body of work or not, Sonik Kicks is as good as anything Weller has done. His versatility as an artist gives him the freedom to take us all on a musical adventure – one that sonically kicks ass.

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