Album Review – Ribbons Patterns – Ribbons Patterns

May 4, 2010

Ribbon Patterns album artworkTitle: Ribbons Patterns
Artist: Ribbons Patterns
Label: Poison City Records
Released: Out Now
In one word: Textured

You know what, although it does sound somewhat like Frank Turner or whoever you kids are into those these days I just can’t totally get into this. Sure, it’s very nice and emotional and heaaaaavy but maybe I’ve just been too desensitized by a recent TISM binge to feel anything.

“Harry Baker” is a big tune, it’s something I could imagine in the pivotal point of some bleak 70’s British drama like Educating Rita or Gregory’s Girl if you get what I mean; it has a feeling of hopelessness that makes me wanna slit my wrists (in a good way).”Full of Lead” is also a standout tune in my bleary eyes, a polar opposite of the formerly mentioned track I see it as a bit like a Billy Bragg tune without the communism when he was at his peak.

All in all, it’s not me and that’s not saying it’s a bad record at all; the record is so full of substance and musical/lyrical texture it’ll at very worst be a local classic and I forgot to mention how excellent the packaging is; that’s something worth checking out in itself.

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One Response to Album Review – Ribbons Patterns – Ribbons Patterns

  1. Michael Bowser on May 6, 2010 at 4:28 am

    TISM are shit. Just ask the band themselves! And hey, half the albums these days are MADE by the packaging! Fucked if I know why anyone would bother downloading most of it, hahaha…

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