Album review: Rikers – Islands

May 9, 2012

Rikers - IslandsTitle: Islands
Artist: Rikers
Label: Warner Music Canada/Anthem
Released: 17 April 2012
In One Word: Self-proclaiming

 If I was stuck on a desert, Yellowknife island, I would love this shit. However, I’m not at all. Nor are a lot of people. Funnily enough, one song goes, “I am an island. I am the end. I am the law. I am the laughter for the final straw.” Pfff. Yes you are the joke, Rikers. When in the movie did you misunderstand Spinal Tap?

The song, “I Love You This Much”  makes me wonder how big the singer’s arms stretch out.  I’m going to guess not very wide.

“Love is An Echo.” Boring. Your music is an echo. Life is an echo. Echo’s are echo’s of each other. Give me something to chew on or else you are just another echoing piece of New Wave/eighties synthpop without the satisfying bite of the originals.

Rikers spend money on production, but unfortunately you can’t pay for quality creativity. And music is about the quality of expression. I listen to these songs, waiting for the moment when I will give a damn, and it never comes. The tragedy is not in the songs, but in the act of listening.

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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2 Responses to Album review: Rikers – Islands

  1. cwbuckles on May 9, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    thank goodness that no one really listens to shite critics because they know you dont have enough talent to create your own music.

    album is brilliant only followed by this bands incredible live show.

    you missed the boat on this one “astro-glyde”

    strongly disagree with your rubbish opinion.

  2. jct1980 on June 5, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    I listened to the album after stumbling on this review, and I loved it. What a hollow, immature review you gave! Being a critic is about appreciating all music and not letting your personal favorite style ring out through your writing – you can be critical of music of course, but it is obvious you do not like the style of music in general…so why write about it? What a waste of time your review was – I love the album!!

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