Album review: Rita Wilson – AM/FM

May 16, 2012

Rita Wilson - AM/FMTitle: AM/FM
Artist: Rita Wilson
Label: Universal Music
Released: 8 May 2012
In One Word: Pleasant

I so wanted to dismiss this album release as just another Hollywood actress making their dilettante foray into music. Actresses like Minnie, Zooey and Juliette – Oops! I really enjoy their music – bad example. OK, I think this is what really happened; one fine day Rita Wilson was singing with the radio while driving the kids to school when they said “Hey mom, you know so many of the songs on the radio and you’re pretty good. Why don’t you make your own record?” Of course, that was years ago, so naturally, Ms. Wilson waited a few more years until she hit the magical age of 55 to do what the kids suggested.

Like I said, I really wanted to hate this album but to Rita Wilson’s credit, she has great taste in music and because this is a cover album, the song choice is crucial. Also important is the fact that most of the songs have not been covered by too many people up to now so there’s “freshness” about them. Rita Wilson possesses a pleasant singing voice which lends itself to the style of songs. The only issue I have is with a couple of the song arrangements i.e. for “Wichita Lineman” I prefer a guitar over the piano. Small stuff.

What’s most important, is that Rita Wilson has released an album that you would enjoy playing in the car and singing along with. And so the eternal return, as the circle goes on and life repeats itself…

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