Album Review: Rolo Tomassi – Hysterics

November 20, 2009

Rolo Tomassi - HystericsTitle: Hysterics
Artist: Rolo Tomassi
Label: Hassle
Released: September 2009
In one word: ZAZZO!

Rolo Tomassi are crazy. I read their press notes where someone described them as The Dillinger Escape Plan crashing into the Tate Modern, I can’t do any better than that and if you like that description I beseech you to stop reading now and check them out!

Rolo Tomassi create incredibly fascinating music that can border between grindcore, electro, free jazz and dare I say a bit of screamo. The brother/sister vocals and HEAVY pounding tunes could be enough to make you start dribbling and throw out all your Kaiser Chiefs records.

It’s also the kind of stuff your pieshoes wearing music teacher could dig as it’s so tortuous and music-y; the sheet music for this would honestly look like hieroglyphics written by a German Shepherd!

I will definitely be seeing these guys when they hit Australian shores next year (they’re supporting Janes Addiction and playing Soundwave) but will be staying near the back – I don’t think I can take so many flailing limbs from angry emo kids and old Janes Addiction fans’ vomiting from the sheer volume of Rolo Tomassi!

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