EP Review: Save Your Breath – Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

April 25, 2010

Save Your Breath - Nothing Worth Having Comes EasyTitle: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
Artist: Save Your Breath
Label: Adeline Records
Released: 9 March 2009 (UK) 13 April 2010 (North America)
In one word: Flat

This release from Newport, UK pop-punkers is everything you needn’t bother with in a record. First off, they’re a five-piece band playing three chord pop-punk: a far too common example of redundancy with superfluous arpeggios thrown in to give the second guitarist something to do. The main problem with this release though is in the flat, one-dimensional production and mixing. A pop-punk record should be punchy, sharp and choppy; this one is over-compressed and mixed in a way that renders the bass guitar inaudible and blends the vocals into the percussion and cymbals.

As far as the record’s content goes, it’s not all bad news. Introductory track, “xRYx Almost Died At A Foam Party” (yes, all the track titles are bad inside jokes) contains some great drumming and guitar composition, and is all in all a rather enjoyable new-school punk song. Ending after just 45 seconds though, it is over all too soon. The remaining 5 tracks are by-the-numbers power-punk songs in the vein of New Found Glory, however “Not In The Mood For Kiwi” contains some effective guitar work that brings to mind earlier Unwritten Law albums were it not for the obnoxious vocals of singer Webbo, who has wisely since left the band.

This is disposable Gen-Y, MySpace music at its finest, an example of what happens now that Blink-182 and MxPx are considered “old school”, which is entirely too worrying. May Rollins have mercy on us all.

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