Album Review: Scott Lanaway – Mergers & Acquisitions

April 9, 2010

Scott Lanaway - Mergers and AcquisitionsTitle: Mergers & Acquisitions
Artist: Scott Lanaway
Label: AEON Music
Released: 23 March 2010
In one word: Boring

“Let’s Be Together” has to be one of the dullest opening tracks I have ever had to endure. The same looped beat and synth bit repeat over and over and over for nearly five minutes, while along the way vocals make an incognito appearance together with a bit of minimal piano (minimal being a solitary key stroke every now and then). It’s all hopelessly tedious and boring. With a lot of self-restraint I made it into the second track “What We Already Knew” without hitting skip but the second track is just as hopeless as the first, with more repetition of looped beats and once again the vocals make no impact. Things never pick up.

It took a lot of patience to play through Mergers & Acquisitions in it’s entirety. The acoustic-led “Wild Eyes” and “Rise” serve to stimulate brief head nods to waken senses from the faint-pulsed snooze-fest of everything else but restoring consciousness is hardly a compliment, and rather than zoning out to this record, I found myself zoning out from it. There is world of difference between making a chill-out album that is enjoyable, immersive and relaxing and making something like this which is simply boring. Avoid this. If you want a great chill-out record go buy Pantha Du Prince’s Black Noise or, for something more organic, Taken by Tree’s East Of Eden.

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