EP Review: The Moniters – Sex City Lovers

May 19, 2011

The Moniters - Brisbane, Queensland based rock bandTitle: Sex City Lovers
Artist: Moniters
Label: Independent / MGM Distribution
Released: 2 May 2011
In one word: Rousing

The debut six-track EP of Brisbane-based three-piece The Moniters gets off to a frenetic start with “Exit The System”, a song which at first sounds like Interpol or Editors on speed, goes decidedly Placebo-esque for the chorus, then tops it all off near the end with a tap-happy guitar solo which wouldn’t be far out of place on an Iron Maiden record!  So far, so awesome.

The pace slackens slightly for the next few tracks, but fortunately the quality remains.  To be sure, there’s no great ground being broken, but fans of the questionably-titled “post-punk” movement of the past ten-odd years – as spearheaded by the likes of The Killers, Kings Of Leon and Bloc Party – are likely to find plentiful appeal in the well-crafted and surprisingly “immediate” mini-soundscapes captured here.  There are times when they even remind one of some of the ORIGINAL wave of “new-wave” artists, including Australia’s very own Icehouse and The Church.

Things get a bit pacier again by the last track-and-a-bit, and then just like that it’s all over.  Which is perhaps my biggest criticism, I’m chuffed to report:  That it’s all over and done with a bit quick for my tastes, actually leaving yours truly pining for more!  Can’t say THAT about too many records these days, can ya?  Look forward to the first full-length, boys, but remember…short is still sweet, so only ten tracks, eleven at the outside, okay?  Ah, the 80’s…things were so much simpler back then…

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