Album Review: The Random Humans EP

February 16, 2010

Title: TheThe Random Humans Random Humans
Artist: The Random Humans
Label: Random Human Records/Reversed Records
Released: 23 February 2010
In one word: Promising

It’s always a tad difficult to make a fair assessment of an artist on the basis of a debut EP, and even harder when said EP comprises only three tracks!  Deep breath, here goes…

So okay, I may not be the biggest fan of modern hip-hop:  to me, the “golden age” of rap definitely ended around the time that Run DMC hung up their Adidas’s (or should that be “Adidi”?) and The Beastie Boys abruptly grew a social conscience.  But at the end of the day, catchy music is catchy music, and while I doubt these tracks will be plaguing my every breathing moment for the next week or so, there’s definitely something here for those with even a passing interest in the hip-hop genre.  It’s hardly revolutionary stuff, but in a post-Eminem world where every new rapper tries to spit out “da rhymes” even faster than the last one, it’s nice to hear some MUSIC and lyrics you can actually KEEP UP WITH, damn it!!  Sure, melodic vocals are suitably scarce, but there’s the semblance of well-crafted “pop” music somewhere in here…and I do mean “pop” in the best possible (read: accessible) way.

Not bad at all, but the jury will have to remain out until these boys  from Vancouver deliver a release that isn’t over in the time it takes one to heat up a frozen microwave meal.

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