Album Review: The Sun Harmonic – Chemistry

July 29, 2010

The Sun Harmonic - ChemistryTitle: Chemistry
Artist: The Sun Harmonic
Label: Truth In Records
Released: 11 May 2010
In one word: Chilled

I’ll come straight out and say this isn’t necessarily my kind of “thing”, but if you like your music super-chilled, emotional without being too overwrought, easy-listening without plumbing the depths of the dreaded “muzak” (aka “elevator music”), then you could go far more awry than with this album. Pleasant enough, if not exactly demanding of one’s full attention, this is smooth-sailing background-y stuff which – while the skies aren’t completely devoid of the occasional dark cloud – certainly never moves into full-tilt “gloomy” territory. Sure there’s a couple of more intense, rockier moments, but 90% of this record is delicate vocals and lightly strummed acoustic guitars…though it’s with great relief that I opine that the spirit of the music is ultimately closer to the lighter side of, say, Death Cab For Cutie than it is to the whiny warblings of sensitive new-age twats like Jack Johnson and his ilk.

If this sounds like your “thing” – and I really don’t feel the need to go into any more detail herein, or see any point in analysing individual tracks on an album which has such a defiantly consistent mood – then definitely check it out. Hell, chances are even I’ll put it on once in a blue moon, and believe me, the sound of constant acoustic strumming is usually anathema to my ears. If I want to be emotionally blown away I’ll put on a Coldplay album (sorry, I’m a fan), but for those more middling kinda moods this is just the ticket, really.

Written, performed and produced by Toronto musician Kaleb Hikele as The Sun Harmonic, this is the musical equivalent of a nice, soothing “joint” just before bedtime, for the peace-lovin’ hippie (hopefully) lurking somewhere inside every one of us.

© Michael Bowser, Music Vice

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