Album Review: Tin Horn Prayer – Get Busy Dying

October 11, 2010

Title: Get Busy Dying
Artist: Tin Horn Prayer
Label: Bermuda Mohawk Productions
Released: 24 August 2010
In one word: Diverse

Here we are with another “Country and Midwestern” band comprised on current/former punk rockers. Flavour of the month as these bands may be, one shouldn’t discount relative newcomers Tin Horn Prayer and their debut album, Get Busy Dying. With mandolin, accordion, banjo and harmonica adding layers upon layers over the standard guitars, drums and scratchy vocals, this is actually a really pleasant sounding album.

Opening track “Better Living” sounds like a cross between the Dropkick Murphy’s hit “Shipping Up To Boston” (think that one scene from The Departed, or for the Aussies reading this, recent AFL ads) and the heaver aspects of Drag The River and is a solid choice to open this 10 track release.

Lyrically, the second track on this album “Crime Scene Cleanup Team” is one of the strongest yet traditional country in the band’s repertoire with its warning of bloodshed yet to occur creepily accompanied by resonator guitar and mandolin building into a full-tilt rock song.

Tin Horn Prayer (image supplied)

Featuring members of other successful Colorado bands like Love Me Destroyer, Pinhead Circus and Ghost Buffalo its no surprise that Tin Horn Prayer are a tight unit and their talents abound to make this one of the more diverse and varied sounding albums of the genre. From the hard-hitting introductory tracks to the laid back and entirely relaxing “Memory” and “Wretch” later in the piece its easy to see why this band has made strong inroads with the Revival Tour crowd.

Closing out with the traditional-sounding, vocal harmony laden “Wayfaring Stranger” this album is incredibly well suited to a Saturday afternoon beer-b-cue, which leading into the Australian summer, has come at a welcome time for this reporter.

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