Album review: Trust – TRST

March 6, 2012

Trust - Trst album artworkTitle: Trst
Artist: Trust
Label: Arts & Crafts
Released: 28 February 2012
In one word: Hypnotic

Toronto’s own, Trust debuted their first full-length album TRST on 28 February and I have to say I am a fan. I first heard of Trust when I saw them perform last year with Crystal Castles, who they have been compared to numerous times. Since seeing them perform I have been fascinated with them and I am thrilled they have released TRST. It’s impossible to listen to Trust without comparing them to Crystal Castles. Both bands are electronic trance pop and can pull off “goth” extremely well and can somehow make it cool.

Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski. Not only have they toured with Crystal Castles but also in 2011 they performed with Death from Above 1979, Balam Acab, Glass Candy and Hercules and Love Affair. Not bad for the newly signed Arts & Crafts artists.

Robert Alfons haunting vocals take me from liking the album to loving it. The vocals are reminiscent of Interpol front man Paul Banks’ dark voice. My favourite track on the album is, wait for it, “Gloryhole”. Strange name but an amazing song. The song has a long instrumental opening and once Alfons starts singing the beat is engrained in your head. Its quite catchy and it’s hard to hold back the urge to go to a rave and dance like a character in Skins.

Although I’m not sure what Robert is singing/slurring about in most of the songs, his voice is hypnotizing and mysterious. It’s rare to listen to an album and not have a song or two that you skip, and I didn’t skip any. If you’re a fan of bands that can somehow pull off having a 80s sound to them while still being relevant, then for sure check TRST out.

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