Gig review: Corb Lund at Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre

February 21, 2016


Photo credit: Massey Hall | Malcolm Cook

Who: Corb Lund
Where: Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre
When: 20 February
In one word: Groovy

Corb Lund’s music sounds like it came out of a dollar store cowboys and indians toy package, as if listening is taking you back in time to a simpler time but is packaged very simply and for everyone to enjoy without breaking their wallet.

The show setting was also quite gorgeous. Overhanging (probably fake) greenery stilled from the roof while the audience sat in comfy cushioned chairs on one of two levels in the stylish looking venue.

And the band did not hold back from letting people feel stylish.

The music sometimes makes you feel like you are watching a family video from a decade ago on VCR while everyone is on their cell phones but mom and dad are remembering the time they baked cookies for your birthday and danced to that hockey song by Stompin’ Tom.

Fun music is hard to find as so many artists are intent on finding authentic sound or unique sound to show off their artistic, unconventional side.

Corb Lund’s music is what you would want to be listening to having a spiked iced tea in the sun on a beachside patio in southern Texas before jumping on a plane back home to Edmonton.

I can see so many great opportunities where music like this would make you feel alive.

Last night was one of those nights and I could feel the atmosphere in Elgin and Winter rising higher and higher with every twanging note sung through vibrating whiskey-soaked guitar strings and pot-and-pan reminiscent drum beats.

And there is no problem if you just don’t like country. Not everyone likes country music and I don’t know why but I am pretty sure the people who do love it and play it are aware their beloved genre gets some bad press and just want to comfortably sit down with their guitars a few friends, drinks and turn off the news.

Sounds like a great idea.

But for someone like me who is as connected to the Internet as the Internet is connected to itself I find easy-going music not so easy-going because it makes me feel like I’m slowing down.

Personally, I like to feel like I’m moving fast and in progress towards a challenging goal.

Country music does, however, give this emotion of progression quite often but I also can hear the tingling of beer bottles and whiskey bottles falling over as if the night has already ended and people are just sitting around the campfire relaxing with water and potato chips.

That scene is beautiful though. The lakes they swam in that day; the tree branches sacrificed to the fire gods; the secret burps covered under hands to hide from your lady how much you’ve been drinking because you know she likes you when you’re talkative but feels bad about getting older and still partying.

Oh those days of the future.

I see them. And I see you, Corb Lund.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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