Gig review: New Design at Ellen’s Bar and Grill

Who: New Design Where: Ellen’s Bar and Grill When: 19 March 2016 In one word: Lovely   The post rock genre is one that is difficult to describe to somebody who hasn’t listened to the music first hand. Generally driven strongly by effects laden guitars and spacious drum lines, post rock is a modern genre of rock music that evolves through ambiance and setting. The style of New Design is very much influenced by these factors. They pick up fast, the songs, and they aren’t afraid of bursting out into punk-y anthemic choruses or bridges to add more energy to their sound. Each song New Design played at Ellen’s was full of this ambient energy and artistic flare. And, not to mention, a couple band members were celebrating their birthdays with the show so there was an extra element of friendliness to the night. As if waking up in the middle of a thunderstorm and stepping outside in your pyjamas to watch the lightning, the music is very surreal sounding. It is almost like listening to the auras of nebulas and galaxies in space; very distant sounding yet hits close to home emotionally. And Jeff (vocals and guitar) has a voice that sounds … Continue reading Gig review: New Design at Ellen’s Bar and Grill