Holotropic Breath Work

March 20, 2019

holotropic breathing

My Russian girlfriends and I are quite the nuts for self-growth, self-healing, and self-mastery. All in the name of raising our feminine energy without any kind of patriarchal juju in our auras.

This explains our excitement for Lilit Saribekyan’s arrival to Los Angeles. A biannual visit she gives to the Russian community. She is one of many practitioners but has been a licensed family therapist for over 12 years and has over 40 centres World wide. This was the extend of the information I really asked for from her because, to my misfortune, I do not speak Russian so my girlfriends translated all of this information from Russian into English, just for meee. As is the Russian way, this was effortless generosity to support a cohesive relationship between us all. In a brilliantly non-invasive, personal account of my interior turmoil translated into direct, resolution oriented solutions or, intentions.

Holding an intention seems to be a popular resolution these days in the healing world. Discussing an intention to have based off my personal trauma and explain it in English to Russian back to English was comical. But the general idea is that you reflect on your life, issues that have been on your mind that are stunting your personal growth, to discuss it with the holotropic breathing guide and then to find an intention and point of focus so that you can cut the ties between the energy that is constricting your life from flowing freely, as a more authentic way of experiencing yourself.

So in my case, I shared that basically I don’t get my life and she asked me why I don’t have a relationship. No amount of translating can communicate cultural value differences. I was raised in a Western culture that sensationalises female power as overcoming male abuse and I am coming to believe that in Russian culture, being in a relationship activates femininity. So here we are, trying to atone and activate on our own, our innate feminine energy.

Holotropic Breath Work has been called also a ‘rebirthing’ because of exactly that kind of resolution. By rapidly breathing from your chest and then finding your natural pace, you begin actually cramp up and that is when the magic really happens. What I discovered during the 2 hours and a half of rapid breathing was a long account of memories and desires unfulfilled or neglected I balled my eyes out under a very tight face mask.

I was breathing through the snot and the tears, the physical pain from the pressure she pushed with one finger on my sternum or my sides. I don’t know how she knew where to poke me but it was such a trigger to some pretty terrifying cries of pain and sadness. My other girl friends too, felt the experience of transformation under their own forms of release, in different kinds of moans and cries. Some of it very ecstatic and sexy sounding to my misfortune. But there is always another opportunity in another six months to see what happens in healing my relationship life.

Did I mention that we do this for two and a half hours? Yes. Did I mention that we meditate by exhaling rapidly from our chests to incredibly cinematic music is guiding your blind conscious mind in this breath work journey through the final scene where Frodo Baggins returns home to his Hobbit family and friends.

After the session we discussed our experiences in our two respective languages. She asked me if my cuts were tied to the relationships that are stopping me from living my own life, and I didn’t know how to answer that. Mostly because, I felt so high. It’s an over oxygenated high that you induced yourself and you can’t help but feel, AMAZING. Oddly uplifting but by the end of the day I was exhausted.

I can honestly say that I’ve never felt so myself in my life than now, after practising this breathing style. Holotropic breathing is a form of healing the nervous system through your own help to yourself to take you on a deep somatic journey and showing you to yourself your authenticity. No one can translate that information other than how well you want to know yourself through your own language.

Find out more from Lilit Saribekyan on her Facebook page. However, you’ll have to be able to read a good amount of Russian.

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