Interview with Adam Doleac at Stagecoach Festival

May 2, 2018

I met Adam Doleac at this years’ Stagecoach festival towering over an already very tall lady. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by him, which I’m sure isn’t an unfamiliar feeling to the tall kind, but I don’t think it was that this time. It felt was the overwhelming presence of a guy who knows who he is and what he wants and doesn’t rush into anything, all within the presence of a person. See how that can be a little overwhelming?


If you want some of that essence, you can hear it in his songwriting. There’s a whole lot of care and he reminds me of John Mayer. Where his wit and rhyme is much better than mine, but he’ll give you a real reason to feel a little in cloud nine by being the soundtrack to your shine.


Adam’s song “Some girls” is about the opposite of feeling depressed about being single. It’s got that enthused feeling you get when you’re already in love with your girlfriend but you have no idea who she is, but you can’t help romanticising any kind of girl in the meantime because… well… she’s yours to love! The song “Everybody Needs Somebody” confirms that in the end, it’s not just about having your fantasies come true. It’s about being in a real relationship with someone. In case you thought meeting each other’s needs was enough love to last a lifetime? You were wrong. The song “Bigger Than Us” is about surrendering to the journey of being in love with your partner to the point you’re willing to go through anything together, willingly, because passion is bigger than indifferences. In case you didn’t know what it took to love hard, just have a listen to his tracks and you’ll know what to do.


Below is Adam’s interview with Music Vice after performing on the Mane Stage, Saturday April 28th 2018. No matter who’s showing up to Stagecoach this year, seems like we all got the same idea. Fun, friends, food, and fbeer?! Click on our video for some real talk, small talk bar bantering beaut’s!


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