Bahamas at Massey Hall, Toronto – Gig review

December 1, 2015


Who: Bahamas
Where: Massey Hall, Toronto
When: 27 November 2015
In one word: Breathtaking

Bahamas graced the stage of Massey Hall on Friday as a part of the Massey Hall Season 3 concert and film series.

The band entered the stage in a blackout, and opened the show with “Lost in the Light” in a dimmed light. This was done very beautifully as I expected however, the tempo seemed slightly rushed. I was enjoying this performance but, there was one spotlight aiming specifically at the right side of the audience where I was seated and it was pretty blinding, so that was distracting for me. Overall it was just awkward lighting for that song, but it was performed pretty well.

It was amazing how he was able to pull off such a peaceful and beautiful show with such ability to use continuous humour and relate to the audience. As the show was on Black Friday, unfortunately Jurvanen stated “I don’t know if you guys are expecting some sort of Black Friday deals but the merchandise is full price.”

I really enjoyed how he continuously explained certain songs in depth in terms of meaning and how they came to be. Before performing “Stronger than That”, he explained how the song is about believing in someone and encouraging them in moments when they can’t see that, and he also explained how sometimes those things are difficult to talk about, and that is what the song is about.

As Afie Jurvanen said, he felt a “nice peaceful positive vibe in this room right now”, and I couldn’t agree more with him.

Of course the band performed their hit “All the Time” , which was wonderful. My only critique would be that the female vocalist (I didn’t get her name) had weak echoing – it was too soft and flowing, as in the actual song it is a much sharper echoing of his voice. She did have a beautiful voice, it could have just been sharper.

Although the band was very united, it would’ve been nice to see some more band interaction rather than just Afie speaking the entire show.

I really enjoyed this performance. Jurvanen just has this cool and calming vibe that he gives off, it’s almost comforting. The whole performance itself was just so soothing and peaceful, and I felt so removed from the outside world.

For the encore, the band closed the show with “Never Again”, which was absolutely breathtaking. All 3,000 people in the audience were absolutely silent, as the emotion and intensity was so strong and flowing through each audience member. Personally, this is one of my favourite songs and seeing this live was almost indescribable, and my personal favourite moment in the show.

“90% laughs, and 10% music – that’s the equation” – Afie Jurvanen.

© Gemma Mastroianni, Music Vice

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