Band of Horses at Echo Beach, Toronto – Concert review

August 17, 2012

Band of Horses

The Gig: Band of Horses
Where: Echo Beach, Toronto, Canada
When: 15 August 2012
In One Word: Knockout

Band of Horses are a band who have managed to remain below the radar of broader recognition – though I would argue that they deserve it – recognition that is. Formed in 2004 in Seattle, the five-piece is gearing up for the release of their fourth album in September. I just love it when a band tours for the sake of it – more an audience appreciation tour than one centred on the promotion of a newly released album. They remind me of Pearl Jam – I’ve seen a couple of their concerts that were not about an album release. Take note bands: your fans will come out to watch if you come out to play.

I really like this band. In fact, I wanted to catch them live in 2010 but after spending a fun-filled week at Bonnaroo, my concert piggy bank was empty. This current tour with My Morning Jacket as headliners, gave me the opportunity to finally see them live. With a great venue like Echo Beach  and a balmy summer night, there was much to look forward to. I was not disappointed as the band played almost all fan favourites in their twelve song set. Blowing me away with a 1-2-3- punch near the end; playing “No One’s Gonna Love You”, “Is There a Ghost”, and “The Funeral” back to back to back. So good. Knock-out.

As I wandered around the stage area for the first couple of songs, I settled into what has become my “routine” at this venue. I returned to the beer tent where I could enjoy the band and their music without the annoying conversations and ADD of the crowd waiting for MMJ to take the stage. I was here for the opening act and they delivered a terrific performance.

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