Bass Drum of Death at Wrongbar, Toronto – Gig review – NXNE

June 19, 2012

Bass Drum Of Death at Wrongbar, Toronto, NXNE 2012 - photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice
The Gig: Bass Drum Of Death at NXNE
Where: Silver Dollar, Toronto, Canada
When: 15 June 2012
In One word: Killer

When flipping through NOW Magazine to see what to see Friday night, I had a feeling Bass Drum of Death was something to look up that would be worth while, and I bandcamped, and I went to Wrongbar, and it was awesome! It’s the perfect music to listen to if you are a skater 14-30 year old boy. Or a girl who likes demin cut offs and backwards caps and 14-30 year old skater boys. That being the musical appeal to go to fit your lifestyle, Bass Drum of Death are amazing performers and do a killer punk show. Two guitars, one drummer, a lot of sweaty overgrown long hair. No stage banter, just heavy punk riffs, loud, loud music, great musicianship. Kinda reminded me of a Kurt Vile show, except less poetry, and less wanting to be seen as an unseen. This was a take off that, with pure punk hard core energy. No pretentiousness, just performance, and the love of punk music riffs. You get out of the bar and feel like they killed it. And they did. A lot of local punk bands showed up to their performance too to support them, but I believe they mainly came to enjoy their greatness. Wrongbar may be out of the way from other NXNE venues, but it definitely had the sound system to fully enjoy the blast of rock music.

Isn’t it good to know that after touring Europe, doing the purgatory show for NXNE in Toronto, they are on the road for over a dozen shows in the US. Woohoo! Try and see them if you can. Shouldn’t be to hard with all those dates!

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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