Gig review: Blessthefall at Phoenix Concert Theatre

March 6, 2016

Blessthefall at the Phoenix, Toronto - photo Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

Who: Blessthefall
Where: Phoenix Concert Theatre
When: 3 March
In one word: Emo

I used to listen to Blessthefall in high school on bus rides home in the winter looking out the window feeling sangry (sad angry) and watching snowflakes fall on brown slush in the roads of East Brampton.

And they are surprisingly groovy despite the very emo vibe.

Emo music sometimes sounds like angsty power ballads with lots of distortion but Blessthefall keeps everything rhythmically interesting and always has soaring melodies to tie it all together.

Some songs sound really dark and evolving.

Others are pretty pop sounding.

The performance level of their music is highly engaging. Beau Bokan (Frontman) attracts lots of attention and keeps it dynamic and evolving with lots of motion.


The guttural style of Beau is almost like a deep sigh after smoking a couple packs of cigarettes during a night out at a strip bar.

And the instrumental aspects of their music and performance is very tight and on point. Rapid guitar licks and drum blasts only aid the soaring elements of the vocals and melody.

The lyrics are generally uplifting yet slightly pessimistic as is a typical sentiment in the emo genre.

This combination of emotion makes for a special experience especially when you add the stomping hard breakdowns and bass thumping.

I walked away from the Phoenix with a smile on my face and a growing rediscovered passion for the angsty music of my youth.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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