Gig review: Bullet For My Valentine at Phoenix Concert Theatre

March 6, 2016


Who: Bullet For My Valentine
Where: Phoenix Concert Theatre
When: 6 March 2016
In one word: Extreme


To be honest, I experienced a strange transition walking into the Phoenix to see Bullet For My Valentine after having only an hour prior seeing a drag show with a friend while waiting to get inside.

But every drop of my temporary confusion was evaporated by the very bright, flashing lights BFMV brings on tour with them.


That introduction is just amazing.

And then they exploded into a full-speed distortion struggle.


They’re the type of band you would expect professional athletes to listen to.

There is an unmistakeable classic sounding metal structure with innovation the pushes towards the boundaries of speed and casual heaviness.

The crowd was packed and people were shifting everywhere like an ocean moshing with itself.


The music is just very cool. Cool is the best word to describe the sound.

It doesn’t try to be obnoxious or too noisy but instead opts for musicality and technical form.

And Bullet For My Valentine takes advantage of building up emotion with speed before an anthemic chorus.

Definitely a bunch of crowd pleasers.

And there are super awesome solos that make you feel like growing your hair out and hitchhiking across the Pacific to Australia.

It’s not impossible. If you had waterproof headphones and listened to Bullet For My Valentine you would probably find the energy you need to just swim there.

Or you could build a canoe and use guitars as paddles.

Pretty rock solid.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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