Chvrches at The Hoxton, Toronto – Gig review

June 13, 2013
Who: Chrvches
Where: The Hoxton, Toronto
When: Wednesday 12 June, 2013
In One Word™:  Uplifting
Chvrches. Reminds me of Bvlgari. I never knew how to pronounce that v until my young mind was informed it is latin for the ‘u’ sound. Chvrches! I like your joke! If it is one…
They played last night, to a sea of very tall heads. I was surprised. Then I realized a lot of them were wearing heels when one sharp one pierced my friend Marta’s middle toe. Open sandals. Don’t wear them to a crowded bitchy bar where a good live band is performing that has so much hype, you feel like you’ve just discovered them if you are not already into the music scene. Then the tall boyfriend stayed weighted on my toes.
Chvrches opened with the lights dimmed, no one on stage yet and Prince’s epic introduction to “Let’s Go Crazy” … the beginning lyrics being, “Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life” at a pitch above what Satan would sound like. Then I reassured myself, “Oh the v is a joke.” They came on stage and the transition was beautiful. Beats first, grove has kicked in, anticipation light show for the singer to walk on stage, Lauren Mayberry grabs the microphone. The band started with the song ‘Lies’ but it was difficult to dance because there where so many people. Especially sharp shoes trying to get to the front of the stage. The mistake on our part was to stand in the walkway of people pushing forward. Our bobs did make for a challenge for the perseverant ones who would stop at nothing.
There is something to be said about electronic music that doesn’t have ‘enough’ of a live performance. “So what? Girl Talk is just gonna play music off of his laptop at a show?” said the voice in my head a few years ago. Well, “Yep!” Replied a later date one, once I noticed that is how it works. Chvrches may be dancing electronic music but there is soul to it. Lauren’s face may look like a fragile China doll, but her sweet voice is powerful. She carries a deliberate no frills attitude towards stage performing and I dug it. There’s nothing like the strength to be vulnerably authentic. Iain Cook and Martin Doherty played bass and synthesizers but best of all, danced to their music and encouraged the front of the crowd to dance along too. Sadly brave Scots, Torontonians don’t like to dance much at shows. If there is a show we should have picked up the habit, it should have been yours!
© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice
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