Claim The Throne Aletales CD/DVD Launch, Perth, Australia, 6 September 2009 – Show Review and Photos

September 6, 2009

Gig/Concert: Claim the Throne “Aletales” CD/DVD launch, featuring Dyscord and Gallows for Grace
Venue: The Paddle Steamer ‘Decoy’, Swan River, Perth Western Australia (that’s right, the gig was on a boat!)
Date: 5 September 2009
Headliners: Claim The Throne
In one word: Swashbuckling

Perth’s rising stars of metal, Viking-folk lords Claim the Throne recently chose to launch their new CD/DVD combo Aletales aboard their very own Viking longboat. Or, acquisition of such a craft proving impractical, the next best thing: a turn-of-the-century paddle steamer complete with the requisite brass fixtures, cogs, gears, spindles and drunkards. Add a fully-stocked bar, walls of sound and a bunch of Viking warriors and you have the makings of an incredibly fun evening.

Dyscord on board the paddle steamer 'Decoy', Swan River, Perth, Australia - photo by Steve Pass = Music Vice

Charged with the task of opening proceedings, Dyscord proved up to the challenge and presented a solid set of thrashy, death metal. Suffering from the fact that the boat’s stage was upstairs and its bar downstairs, the band played to a less than capacity audience with many using their set to get their fill of rum and ale early on. This however didn’t stop a fair number of dedicated fans getting into Dyscord in a big way, and the gents put on a highly energetic and entertaining show.

Gallows for Grace were next on the bill, and offered a more technical and progressive, yet equally brutal metal sound. Guitarists Dave and Lynton showed amazing proficiency, as did drummer Chris Hancock, whose use of the shared drumkit would put many of his peers to shame – even managing to use the double-kick drum effectively, rather than constantly like is so frequently the case with modern metal bands.

Following Gallows for Grace’s precise, technical set, Claim the Throne took to the makeshift stage to see out the night with their drunken, folksy brand of black metal played to an eager audience consisting of pirates, wizards, maidens and wenches. What this band may lack in originality, they make up for in attitude and humour. Singer/guitarist Brendon Capriotti’s deep and commanding vocals oversaw a tapestry of upbeat synth/keyboard and guitar riffs backed by machine-gun drumming. Claim the Throne’s key strength is their ability to craft a sing-along melody. Appearing on the new CD, standout track “Two Pints of Honey And A Barrel Full Of Beer” is an excellent example of this skill and showed off the sweet, haunting vocals of keyboardist Jesse Millea. This track could also be pinned down as the turning point where the night’s show slipped into utter bedlam with ale being swilled around, axes thrown, hammers pounded, swords drawn and for some reason a sheep’s skull on a staff was present too.

Seeing out their set with current single “Set Sail on Ale”, the band attempted to say their goodbyes but for lack of a backstage area in which to gather respite, was pressured into an immediate encore. They happily obliged with a reprise of “Set Sail…” as the PS Decoy pulled back into the Mends St dock leaving the ever-patient crew to consider what, indeed, to do with a boatload of drunken sailors.

© Steve Pass

Claim The Throne on board the paddle steamer 'Decoy', Swan River, Perth, Western Australia - photo by Steve Pass - Music Vice


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