Gig Review – Classified at The Phoenix Concert Theatre

February 18, 2016

Classified at The Phoenix, Toronto - photo Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

Who: Classified
Where: The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto
When: 13 February
In one word: Ayyyyyy

Seeing Classified perform at the Phoenix was like watching a bear scratch itself against a tree.

The way he moves on stage makes it seem like his performances are scratching an itch he normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

And this is a great thing, it adds for a wonderfully present performer who takes up the whole stage and embodies the audience’s desires.

The music is just excellent. Some kind of R&B/Hip-Hop fusion kind of like what Drake has capitalized on but with a different sort of style that is almost b-boy-ish.

This was a night where the opening act got people yelling “CANADA! EH!” and it turned out to be a great showcase of Canadian vibe talent.

As a performer, Classified is energetic and creative; as a musician he is innovative and emphatic.

Classified does not hold anything back in a performance and it is a real pleasure to watch him tear it up with a packed house jamming along.

The crowd was really in love with Classified that night and it was a huge difficulty moving around to get photos because people were just squished together everywhere getting themselves cozy with the rap gods.

I am not too familiar with the lyricism or anything of Classified’s music, having not really listened to much of it before attending the show. I didn’t know what to expect.

But, it was awesome. The show opened strong and continued hitting hard consistently.

That is all you can ask for when you want to hear some heavy bass with the kick snare rattles and high hat battles.

Classified is pretty damn cool and everyone who was at The Phoenix Concert Theatre that night felt his presence and definitely remembered the way his voice resonates and echoes with every vocal down beat on hook.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

 Photos of Classified at Phoenix Concert Theatre:

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