Dinosaur Bones at The Danforth Music Hall, NXNE 2013 – Gig review

June 22, 2013

Dinosaur Bones at Danforth Music Hall, NXNE 2013 - photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

Dinosaur Bones at Danforth Music Hall – photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice Magazine

Who: Dinosaur Bones
Where: The Danforth Music Hall
When: Saturday June 15th, 2013
One word: Complimentary

It’s difficult to draw a crowd out to the east end. Us kids would rather stick to a safe pedaling distance within the West end circuit. The Danforth Music Hall is a fair distance east for most of us, with the attraction of a free concert (for NXNE wristband holders), being the main pull to this converted movie theatre. Dinosaur Bones drew in a crowd of fans, music professionals, and Dino Bones virgins alike to their show. The standing/seating space that slopes to the front of the stage is just poured concrete but the acoustics in the space are incredible for the music Dinosaur Bones is making.

They used to be the Sneeky Dee’s kinda crowd attracters. You know. Fun thumping, wreckless mosh-pitting, audiences getting on and off stage wasted and cheerful as the band carried on playing. Now their sound is more mature. Not to say that they’ve exited that vibe, but only added to the collection another kind of ambience. The sound of space and dream. Cinematic rock of timelessness and open wonderment. The lyrics ensue the music. I’ll have to admit, it was difficult for me to follow the story singer Ben Fox was telling us.

After all this time and no where near stardom, but who really cares about that category of entertainment. They do it because they love being in their band. They are amazing at doing that. You can hear the second nature tuning to each others performances and it sounds so good. Bassist Branko Scekic tells me they’ve recorded their music all over the place. They even went out to Texas to record in a private recording studio of a guy who believed in their music. Dinosaur Bones have been a band for five years now and to witness their evolution helps me to put mine into perspective too. Especially listening to their newer music. You remind me of the good and the growth that music does a number on the soul, and for that I thank you Dino Bones.

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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