Dirty Mags at Lee’s Palace, Toronto (CMW 2012) – Concert review

March 28, 2012

Dirty Mags group photoDirty Mags – photo Facebook

The Gig: Dirty Mags at Canadian Music Week (CMF) 2012
When: Thursday 23 March 2012
Where: Lee’s Palace
One Word: Disruptive

Dirty Mags have come a long was since first forming a couple of years ago. They’ve always had edge. They’ve always had shit disturbers in the crowd. They where never really getting anywhere. Watching them play at Lee’s Palace on Thursday March 23rd during this years Canadian Music Week festival really marked a new turn for the band. They’ve added songs with catchy hooks!

They first formed as a trio with bassist Greg, guitarist Justin, and drummer Peter a couple of years ago, and since acquired through Craigslist, singer Mike and keyboardist Elissa. Peter’s performance is to kill his drum kit on stage while Greg and Justin play bass and guitar like introverts. Mike screams and serenades his wavering voice, always some graceful motion. It was keyboardist Elissa’s second show playing in the band and my first time hearing the fantastic addition. They sound like all that 80’s punk, garage, underground and emerging, outcasted music choicely presented with a grain of pop to keep it attractive. The result of their songs ooze with personal style. With the power of a rock show where you can’t even hear your ears ringing in the bathroom.

My high school experience wasn’t listening to The Smiths, The Cure, or Nick Cave during the 80’s, but the ten years following when it was cool to do everything vintage. I wondered if everyone in the crowd did that too to some degree, and perhaps that’s why we are all here listening to live music with the familiar sounds of some sort of substance from before the internet age. This past Fall in 2011, they did a cross-Canada tour opening for The Weeknd. I wonder if others in that audience noticed irony or similarity between the two bands.

Dirty Mags have been touring, writing, and rewriting new music in that order. They are going to release an LP sometime this summer if the artists in them can get rid of the itch to keep fixing a song till perfection and just let it be. Ha. I can’t wait to hear more from them and see their obvious success, progress.

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