Fidlar at The Great Hall, Toronto – Gig review [CMW 2015]

May 4, 2015

Who: Fidlar at Canadian Music Week
Where: The Great Hall, Toronto
When: Friday, 1 May 2015
In One Word: Exceeding

Alternative-punk band Fidlar from Los Angelas,California kicked off Canadian Music Week with a bang. The band’s name actually has an acronym which is, “F*** It Dog, Life’s a Risk”.

Openers included (in order of appearance) K.I.D, Breakfast, and The Two Koreas. Out of the three openers, K.I.D had the overall best performance. Although the most common theme was marijuana, “Have you ever been so stoned that you haven’t been able to get up and take a piss? Same.”, they were still able to make an emotional connection to the audience, specifically during “Drunk Enough to Love Me”. As for Breakfast and The Two Koreas, the sets were somewhat dry. Breakfast’s songs were a bit all over the place genre-wise, and had awkward transitions with rhythm within their songs. The Two Koreas were musically great, but most songs blended into one another; not in a good way. All their songs sounded very similar, and it became very dry. Although both bands do have talent and great potential, they  do need to improve on stage presence. Although you may not be the largest in the industry, that doesn’t mean there is an excuse to have somewhat of an “awkward” or “shy” presence.

As soon as Fidlar entered the stage, the energy instantly increased. They began singing O’Canada in recognition of Canadian Music Week. Not to mention, this was also their first show of their tour. The first song they played was “Stoked and Broke”, which was a terrific song choice to begin the set. They had amazing energy and it only amplified per song not only with the band, but the crowd as well. They were very interactive with the crowd, even allowing people to stage dive. This always adds an intimate feel, as well as an enhanced experience for the audience. They also played a new song which was lower key, and had more of a pop feel to it. The riff’s were somewhat basic however, it had an emotional feel to it with the chorus lyric being “Everybody’s got somebody but me”, unlike other songs such as “Max can’t surf” and “5 to 9”. The band also mentioned that they will be releasing a couple new songs within the near future.

Overall, it was a great show, and an amazing start to Canadian Music Week!

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