Half Moon Run at the Mod Club, Toronto – Gig review

December 18, 2015

Conor of Half Moon Run on stage last night at Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto - photo Brian Banks, Music Vice

Who: Half Moon Run
Where: Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto
When: 17 December 2015
In one word: Happiness

There are few things that when lined up properly, allow me to fully enjoy my concert-going experience on a work night:
1. Good band – preferably of the indie-oriented, folk-infused, prog-rock ilk.
2. Good venue – preferably of the wooden-floored, non sight-obscuring, decent-acoustics ilk.
3. And finally, dare I say, a start time that allows me to make it home at a decent hour ( 9:00 pm – translates to, “god I’m old” –  and the inability to work all day and play all night).

Thursday night at the Mod Club, I was treated to all of the above and more. Half Moon Run, who having recently dropped a new album in October, were hitting Toronto on their latest tour. The band joked about their “matinee” when they hit the stage at 7:30 pm. You heard that correctly – an early and welcomed start by myself, and by the looks of it, their fans did not seem to mind – this “matinee” was sold out.

What I truly found enjoyable about the show was the enthusiasm of the fans and their appreciation of the band. No posers at this concert. Just a room full of supporters and the band reciprocated with an energetic, and all around terrific set. This band knows how to encompass and embrace many, if not all of my favourite folk-tinged, prog rock sensibilities. They also produce some of the best harmonies that I have heard since my best band r.e.m. split.

Half Moon Run started the show with their newest hit, “Turn Your Love” – a song that struck a chord of familiarity with me from the first time I heard it on the radio. So much so, I sang along with it the very first time I heard it. Throughout the bands short(ish) set of 70 minutes – including encore – the crowd was dancing and jumping, causing the floor to vibrate in waves of what can only be described as happiness. From beginning, to final encore “Full Circle,” I felt a part of a new resurgence in Canadian Indie music and Half Moon Run was a big part of that feeling.

© Dee Dee Duric, Music Vice

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