Bouncing Souls and Hot Water Music at the Rosemount, Perth – Gig review and concert photos

December 12, 2010

Gig/Concert: Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls with Grim Fandango and Dave Hause
Venue: Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Date: 8 December 2010
Headliners: Hot Water Music
In one word: Fanboys

Co-headlining tours seem to be all the rage this summer in Australia and as this particular gig’s merchandise desk would attest, there is certainly a lot of love and camaraderie felt between Gainesville, Florida’s Hot Water Music and New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Bouncing Souls.

Opened with a brief solo acoustic set from Pennsylvania punk rockers The Loved Ones front-man Dave Hause (who could be later seen guitar-teching the two headlining acts), early comers were treated to a pleasant 20 minutes of Gaslight Anthem-esque anthems, joined at one point by hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan. Indeed, Hause left a number of people in attendance wishing he had been allotted more time on the bill as he had just began to impress before his set was up.

Local supports Grim Fandango then took over the reins and ensured beer and energy were flowing. Growing ever familiar to high level supports such as this, the band had no problems delivering a stand-out set off the back of a recent Tasmanian tour. Guitarist Aaron Leavy seemed to be mixed a little higher than usual in the mix which added an unusual dynamic to the band’s jangly, rollicking sound.

Not knowing which of the two visiting bands would be headlining the show, it was with pleasant surprise that Bouncing Souls next took to the stage. Their gang-vocal filled anthems were incredibly well received, with the Rosemount’s barricade beginning to give way during “Sing Along Forever”. Other standout tracks included “Gone”, “Hopeless Romantic” and a cover of the Misfits’ “Hybrid Moments” (though, with vocalist Greg Attonito donning an acoustic guitar for the song, it bared a closer resemblance to Drag The River’s version). Supported ably by one of the tightest rhythm sections in punk in bassist Bryan Kienlen and drummer Michael McDermott, Attonito was unstoppable as a front man, climbing into the crowd at one point before returning to see out one of the most enjoyable sets seen in recent memory.

With a strong, loyal and long-held following in Perth, the fanboys packed the Rosemount in preparation for another visit from Chuck Ragan, this time with band in tow. Playing off between their two front-men in Ragan and Wollard, it was like 1998 all over again with the band delivering such much-loved songs as “Free Radio Gainesville” and “No Division” which highlighted the skills of George Rebelo on drums.

In the spirit of Ragan’s Revial Tour, members of Bouncing Souls, along with Hause, joined them on stage for an encore which included the Souls’ “True Believers” and Hot Water Music’s “Wayfarer”, both of which appear on a limited edition tour 7”, with each band covering the other’s track.

The only bad thing to be said about this gig is that its extended encore went on to such a length that many in attendance were ready to leave before the bands saw fit to close the show (it was a Wednesday night, after all). It would have been nice to be left wanting more, however it would be a fool who argued that they did not receive their money’s worth for this show.

© Steve Pass, Music Vice

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