Hungry Lake at The Sister, NXNE 2013 – Gig Review

June 18, 2013

Hungry Lake

Hungry Lake – photo from Facebook

Who: Hungry Lake
Where: The Sister
When: Friday June 15th 2013
In One Word: Average 

North by NorthEast (NXNE) music festival gives us the opportunity to discover new music talent as well as diverse music venues. Some of which, turn out to become future favourite venues (for me anyway). The Sister, located way west on Queen street is a great little spot – definitely a place I will visit again – for the music and the food. The stage is very tiny; especially for the five piece that is Hungry Lake.

Really – Hungry Lake? Band name not withstanding, I found this venue to be a little small for the rock and roll that is Hungry Lake. The band is mislabeled as “folk” – well just because you have an acoustic guitar on stage does not make you a folk band.

Hungry Lake’s music is more pop-tinged rock with a country feel. I liken it to early r.e.m.  although not nearly as melodic or catchy. They perform some great harmonies but still need to work on their songwriting craft. It would be great to be able to remember a chorus line or guitar riff, but nothing really stood out for me. The venue may have been too small for them, but I really liked the atmosphere and let’s not make excuses for a band that’s just OK.

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One Response to Hungry Lake at The Sister, NXNE 2013 – Gig Review

  1. Heather on April 6, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    This is one of the worst reviews I have ever read. Did the writer forget to eat all day? They sound pretty hangry. I’ve never seen a review where the main focus is taking a swipe at the band’s name. Pairing that with the awkward secret photo of the band talking in a corner and I have to ask — did you even watch the show?

    i feel that as a music community we have a responsibility to look out for one another; that’s not to say you have to enjoy every band you see but for crying out loud why would you just knock a band like this? How would you like it if you composed a review that you were really proud of and someone who had nothing at all to do with it just came along and went “this is absolute shit.” I’m kind of disappointed to read this, to be honest, I like Music vice but this review really got u set my skin

    For the record, Hungry Lake is one of the most technically gifted acts I have ever seen and their songwriting is pretty untouchable… many feel the same way… maybe you just need to see them again. I’ll buy you a beer 😉

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