Invasions at the Silver Dollar, NXNE 2013 – Gig Review

June 15, 2013


Who: Invasions
Where: Silver Dollar Room for NXNE
When: Thursday July 14th 2013
One word: Progressive

The Silver Dollar Room is such a well deserved, glorified dive. So much of Toronto’s culturally defining bands start at the Dollar, or end. It is, and has always been, the womb of one scene or another that might be worth your ear. Seeing as it’s North By North East in the city right now, it might be worth both of your ears.

I have seen Invasions play at the Silver Dollar before. Back when they where more of a punk rock band. Invasions have spun into a Bob Dylan-esque Americana, 70s sounding band. I have to say, they sounded quite good! As a punk band they had a group of followers that would go to all their shows. Perhaps they wanted to leave that bubble, similarly to Bob Dylan and go Christian, from the anti-popularist mentality. Along with the change in music, they’ve also changed their band mates. Danny Miles their old drummer is now exclusively in July Talk, and Brian a new bassist who plays trumpet.

At the beginning of their set I thought to myself, “Oh no. This crowd is only here because they all want to be at BRAIDS but the Comfort Zone has such a long line up, we are being regrouped to see Invasions.” And I think the band felt that. There was a sloppy-ness on stage. Looking around at the audience though, everyone was so drunk, the crowd got into it. The band was tighter. The music was good. We danced and it was packed. The band ended an inch after the climax. The bartender was busy.

If you like Bob Dylan’s rebelliousness and you miss a Cowboy nostalgia, Mexican influenced trumpet harmonies, and driving to the beach surf music, an Invasions show is the one for you!

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