Jenn Grant at the Mod Club, Toronto (CMW 2012) – Concert review

March 24, 2012

Jenn Grant at Lee's Palace, Toronto - photo Rebecca Connor, Music Vice

The Gig: Jenn Grant – Canadian Music Week CMF showcase
Where: The Mod Club, Toronto, Canada
When: 22 March 2012
In One Word: Darling

Headlining Thursday night’s festivities on Thursday night’s edition of CMW festivities at the Mod Club was Nova Scotia’s darling singer/songwriter: Jenn Grant.

I stood at the front of the crowd surrounded by young ladies in pretty floral dresses with glowing faces and bright smiles. I had to smile; they were just so darn cute. There is an air about musicians from the Maritimes. Perhaps I’m slapping a stereotype on them, but they always seem sweet, down to earth and extremely friendly. Jenn Grant is no exception. It’s not tough to figure out why she attracts great fans: the darling ladies and the gushing gentlemen – sorry boys, she’s married!

As Jenn Grant wandered onstage with her band mates she quietly said into the mic “come closer,” and of course we did. We were already under her spell.

Part of Jenn’s charm is her calm demeanor. Everything she does seems effortless. Her banter seems genuine and she interacts with the crowd as if she’s playing for a big group of friends. It’s hard to believe that she used to experience stage fright.

Jenn played an assortment of songs. For the most part she played new unreleased tracks and songs from her latest album Honeymoon Punch, with the exception of one or two oldies including the fan favorite: “Dreamer.”

“How could you not dance?”, one girl remarked as she and Jenn’s fellow fans moved with the music. Good question. The crowd danced and sang along with her as she played familiar tunes, but the presence of new material seemed to lack the same sentiment. In fact, none of the new songs really struck a chord with me.

In recent years it seems as though Jenn has taken on a new direction with regard to her artistic vision. Her songs have taken on a fuller sound and they are definitely catchy, but sometimes they lack the depth of her earlier material. That being said, Honeymoon Punch, albeit different from her earlier works, is still a great album. I guess we’ll have to see what comes with the release of her next album.

Jenn Grant is here to stay and so what if she wants to write fun pop songs? No doubt, we’ll all eventually be singing along.

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One Response to Jenn Grant at the Mod Club, Toronto (CMW 2012) – Concert review

  1. Music Laura on March 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Her new album might not grab YOU, but it did grab the JUNOs this year. She’s nominated for Adult Alternative Album of the Year, along with Feist, Ron Sexsmith, Jim Cuddy and Cuff the Duke.

    If you listen to Honeymoon album a few songs…let it seep into you…you’ll get the groove. Walk Away and How I Met You are totally danceable.

    And you’re right, she’s so prolific, if you don’t like this one, wait for the next one to come out soon.

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