July Talk at The Mod Club, NXNE 2013 – Gig Review

June 16, 2013

July Talk at the Mod Club, Toronto - NXNE 2013 - photo by Glyde Barbey

Who: July Talk
Where: The Mod Club
When: Thursday June 14th 2013
In One Word: Complete

Singer Leah Fay of July Talk announced last night, “I hope you all have a lovely summer without me Toronto. We are leaving at 8am tomorrow morning for our tour… We might catch you at the end of August sitting in a park somewhere…” and on this note, I thought of how difficult it is to leave the to-be-scene-in-the-park-relaxing, scene that is so much a part of Summer in this city. Can’t say that leaving on tour is too regrettable!

July Talk has been busy. They’ve been a band for a little over a year and already they have a distinguished style. Peter Dreimanis growls melodically and Leah Fay whispers back in song. It’s a love-hate playful, and borderline abusive stage presence, trickled with grit and play. Literally. They set up a bed on stage and Leah sung and jumped on the bed. moved in dance therapy movements. They carried on with the show of a lover’s brawl. I haven’t seen a show like that before. Where I feel like I’m watching musical theatre. Then I realized, “this is July Talk.” They are taking stage performances to the next level. With confetti and feathers released at the end of their song in finale. The crowd loved it. We were all blown away. This is the kind of attitude you expect a band like Of Montreal to do, to match with the psychedelic dance attitude. July Talk sees not conform to categories. It’s a dynamic of harden worker and expressive imagination to a solid beat and a strange flirtation on stage.

The duo are powerful. But the whole band are powerful. They are all so well rehearsed and the pop rock sound is so perfectly complimentary, all you could as for in such a perfect setting is a show you always want to look forward to. They got that too! Complete entertainment to the ears and eyes, July Talk you, rock! One year of success and so much more will come, only in guarantee.

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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