Little Creatures, Teen Violence, Attagirl and JOJETO at The Painted Lady, NXNE 2013 – Gig review and photos

June 23, 2013

Teen Violence3

Teen Violence at The Painted Lady, Toronto– photo Jessica Paiva, Music Vice Magazine

Who: Attagirl, Teen Violence, JOJETO and Little Creatures
Where: The Painted Lady
When: Saturday June 15, 2013
One Word: Adrenaline

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world that welcomes many huge music festivals, including North by Northeast (NXNE) which took place this past week. When I found out that I’d be able to meet and watch other budding musicians perform at NXNE, I knew it would be an experience I wouldn’t regret. And that I didn’t.

The luxury of being a part of NXNE (and purchasing a pass) is that you have the freedom to choose and watch over 1,000 bands and to experience new and different venues you might not have gone to if otherwise. I, myself, envisioned The Painted Lady to be way bigger than it actually was. However, the bar located at Ossignton, did serve justice to the live music and gained a large crowd. The Victorian style house bar made seating very limited but that didn’t stop the audience to stand closer to the stage for that full concert adrenaline.

The first act was Attagirl. It was 8:00 p.m. and due to it being so early for a Saturday night outing – hardly anyone was present to watch this heart-melting band rock the stage. The indie-pop and rock ‘n’ roll band caters to writing lyrics focused with themes of heartbreak, loss and love. With such powerful themes it was to my surprise that the rock band of three boys were able to successfully portray the meaning of each song. It’s important that in order for a performance and song to fully impact the audience, the lead singer must feel and understand the message being sung. The heart-compelling vocals and charm coming from the lead singer Dan Cohen would definitely swoon any lady watching – if only there were others aside from myself. Attagirl manages to welcome back that old-school rock ‘n’ roll while bringing you back in time to the 50s. I’m excited to see more of this band in the near future!

Next up was Teen Violence, a surf-pop band from Kitchener, Ontario. This band had A LOT of energy – more so coming from the lead singer, Marcus Wanka. I definitely couldn’t take my eyes off him. With the intense amount of hair-flipping and aggressive bumping with his other band members – I found it to be a bit disorganized. I understand that as a front man you must be able to build-up the energy to the max in order for your audience to respond, but – watch your step! The what-seemed-to-be pissed off facial expressions coming from the guitarist was enough for me to concentrate more on Marcus’ foot moves oppose to the song and lyrics itself. With the sweat pouring down faces, Teen Violence does have a sweet punkish – surfing waves kind of sound. Releasing a 7” record and several music videos is quite impressive as well. This band has their eyes focused on the trends and taking full advantage of that. Aside from needing to control the rockin’ moves – this band knows how to have fun and engage hype within the crowd! Oh, not to mention that the drummer did have a broken right foot and was drumming with only his left foot – impressive!

Next was JOJETO, the Toronto rock band best known for their animal head photographs all over their social media pages and drop cards distributed after their performance. The band has a great head-pumping rock feel – great sound that was successful in getting the crowd moving. My eyes were set on the drummer. Despite the great and strong vocals coming from the front man, Andy M. was capable in demolishing those drums and thus grabbing my attention. His head nodding and constant power and tricks through the sticks were impeccable! JOJETO was the only band that did bring and promoted access to free songs with some drop cards in which I thought was really cool. Anything an audience can keep from a performance is always a plus and a great way to get some more fans. They even engaged the audience by asking someone to play tambourine along with their song. Great thinking JOJETO! Overall, the best performance in which engaged most with their audience – look forward to seeing this band live again!

A hype and energetic bunch of little creatures formed in The Painted Lady to see Little Creatures sway the stage. I had the chance to meet-up with Chris and Alison of Little Creatures (Interview coming shortly) which helped me enjoy their performance to its fullest. This band was the highlight of my stay at The Painted Lady – they certainly did everything right performance wise. I had numerous individuals coming up to me asking if I knew the name of the band and they wooed and cheered them on. Due to the in-person interview before the band stepped on stage, I knew exactly what they were trying to aim and what they wanted the audience to take from their performance. They wanted everyone to have a great time and party with them – and that they did! Chris’ guitar riffs and Alison’s drumming were on point. Plus, Chris was showing off his shirt with flying cats on pizza – how epic is that?! Little Creatures reminded me of my teen years, listening to bands such as Lifehouse – however; they do have their own sound with smooth melodies and flawless vocals. The lyrics to all songs are extremely clever and refreshing having the audience singing along after several verses. A great experience overall! I have my eyes and ears locked on this band in the near future!

© Jessica Paiva, Music Vice

Photos by Jessica Paiva, Music Vice:

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