Mannerisms at The Garrison, Toronto, CMW 2014 – Gig review and photos

May 8, 2014

Mannerisms at the Garrison, Toronto, Canadian Music Week 2014 - photo Megan Rach, Music Vice Magazine

Who: Mannerisms
Where: The Garrison, Toronto
When: Wednesday, 7 May 2014
In One Word: Mellow

Mannerisms, an alternative/jazz group out of Toronto, features some of the more technically proficient and tighter rhythms lately found in most of today’s instrumental jazz-fusion bands. Opting for purely instrumental music, the set was more about feeling the music and hearing what they were doing with their instruments than getting people to sing along. The result was an incredibly mellow environment, bringing focus to the more skillful riffs and beats within the music. While they were men of few words (they announced themselves once as they finished their set), the smooth transitions through the collection of their self-proclaimed “cold-fusion, post-jazz-rock, minimalist-prog, sci-fi funk, or perhaps astro-beat” music truly let the imagination wander, and then focus back in for the intricate drumming patterns.

© Megan Rach, Music Vice


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