Metric at Mondavi Center, California – Gig review and photos

April 18, 2013

Metric at Mondavi Center, CA - photo by Ashley HassingerWho: Metric
Where: Mondavi Center, Davis, CA
When: Wednesday 17 April 2013
In One Word™: Jokes

An evening of elevated energy and musical creativity brought the house down on Wednesday, April 17th.

Set at the Mondavi Center in Davis, California, a mix of rock ‘n roll and a whole lot of synth pop shook the building.

Mona, a four-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee took to the stage to open up the show.

Full of vigorous movements and powerful vocals, lead singer Nick Brown with Vince Gard (drums), Zach Lindsey (bass) and Jordan Young (guitar) gave a mixture of rock ‘n roll and artistic lyricism to the audience.

On the opposite sound spectrum of what Metric listeners are familiar with, Mona gave the audience a loaded set with their rock-based sound and energy on stage.

From songs titled “Teenager”, “Daughter”, and “Goons”, Mona were creative in both their song titles as they were in their lyrics and presence. The track, ‘Shooting The Moon’, set the bar for meaningful lyricism with Brown screaming “I am, I am, I am….Shooting the Moon,” on the chorus. (Oh yes! – Ed.)

Mona set the performance bar high for Metric, with their energetic and bold stage presence.

Making their way all the way from Toronto, Canada to the Golden state, Metric were meticulous with their sound, visuals and personality on stage.

With five albums under their belt, lead vocalist Emily Haines and band members James Shaw (guitar/synth), Joshua Winstead (bass) and Joules Scott-Key (drums), started off their set with “Artificial Nocturne,” off of their newest album titled Synthetica. 

Surrounded by an array of instruments, Haines was flanked by two keyboards, while jamming with a tambourine throughout the show.

Paired well with the multitude of instruments, the stage lighting gave its own separate performance. From strobe lights to a set background with blue squared lighting, there was a constant glow, setting an artistic frame for the band.

Continuing their set, songs “Youth Without Youth” and “Speed The Collapse” followed, giving the audience the first three songs off of the Synthetica album.

Showing she can hang with the boys, Haines rocked the guitar for “Gold Guns Girls”, maintaining both a rock and synth based sound. Giving the audience a taste of her sense of humour, Haines slowed it down with Shaw on acoustic guitar; she poked fun at the music industry

“This is the time when we are walking down a dirt road,” Haines says to the audience.

Pretending she was walking for a long time, Haines jokes around in a ditzy voice saying, “I’m a hooker with a heart of gold, just hooking it up for the music industry. I’m going to make it based on my skills, and my talent.”

After her small skit on stage, Haines performed an acoustic version of  ‘Gimme Sympathy’ off of the Fantasies album. About half way through the song, Winstead and Scott-Key joined the band on stage to jam out for the remainder of the song.

With a set list that included “Dreams So Real, ‘Help I’m Alive”, “Twilight Galaxy”, and “Dead Disco”, Metric showed off their gift of music and gave an illustrious performance, showing they can be themselves on stage.

©  Ashley Hassinger, Music Vice

Metric at Mondavi Center, CA - photo by Ashley Hassinger
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