Gallery: Mod Club X – Ten Years of the Virgin Mobile Mod Club

November 19, 2012

Virgin Mobile Mod Club tenth birthday

The Gig: Mod Club turns 10!
Where: Virgin Mobile Mod Club, Toronto, Ontario
When: Saturday 17 November 2012
In One Word: Buzzing

Saturday, 17 November was Mod Club X – the legendary venue’s 10th anniversary bash. The party launched (at 10pm, naturally) with complimentary champagne and a line-up that included up-and-coming Irish dance-punk band Nightbox, electric violin virtuoso Dr Draw, Mod Club resident DJ Tigerblood Me&John, and of course co-owner Mark Holmes, DJ MRK himself on the turntables.

The night also marked the unveiling of the Mod Club’s renovated upstairs loft, where DJ Jelo spun a separate set of tunes for the VIP-wristband-wearing guests attending the party.

A saucy addition to the night’s entertainment was the appearance of a hoop-climbing, Chic-a-Boom aerial dancer, accompanied later on stage by three other dancers from the Chic-A-Boom Room.

As promised, DJ MRK brought in a special surprise guest, and this year it was a veteran of the Mod Club, one of the venue’s earliest DJ’s, which – combined with a mini-playlist of songs by Muse, the club’s first celebrity performers – was a fitting way to reflect on the past ten years of its existence. But before the end of the party the music had the audience spilling onto the stage and breaking the boundaries of the dance party, which ultimately made it feel like we were all special guests for the night.

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