Most People at The Garrison, Toronto, CMW 2014 – Gig review and photos

May 8, 2014

Most People at the Garrison, Toronto, Canadian Music Week 2014 - photo Megan Rach, Music Vice Magazine

Who: Most People
Where: The Garrison, Toronto
When: Wednesday, 7 May 2014
In One Word: Hypnotic

Toronto duo, Most People, integrated audio and visual in their performance. Playing in front of a screen while clips from things like Teen Wolf (yes, the Michael J. Fox movie) and Degrassi High (yes, the first generation) were projected over them, Most People provided a hypnotizing visual component to their already impressive set. With only the two of them, there was a basic backing track with some of the key melodies, featuring synth sounds and a few drum beats. But the brunt of the instrumental work was left up to the duo, who constantly switched between playing guitars to playing the drum set up in front of them. They fuse electronic pop sounds with their influences, from calypso to the “anthemic synth-rock from 80’s movie soundtracks”. To call it “interesting” would be an understatement – these are two musicians who have nailed their craft and provided one of the more impressive stage shows I’ve seen in a while.

Most People released an EP in April 2014 (which you can find below). But to get the full experience, really try to see them live.

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