Mystery Jets with Tribes and Is Tropical at Concorde 2, Brighton, UK – Gig review and show photos

November 30, 2010

Mystery Jets at Concorde 2, Brighton, 10 November 2010 - photo by Lauren Towner, Music Vice, All Rights Reserved

The Gig: Mystery Jets supported by Tribes and Is Tropical
When: 10 November 2010
Where: Concorde 2, Brighton, UK
In One Word: Rapturous

First of all, I would like to say that I have the best Dad in the world. I got confirmation of my media pass at 3:15pm on the day of the gig and I doubt there are many people in this world that would go all the way down to Brighton at such short notice. Family chauffeur’s are the greatest. Thanks Dad!

As soon as we got into the venue, Camden based band Tribes took to the stage. I always like to go to a gig not knowing what the support band sound like so its always a pleasure to hear a band who you’ve never heard of and hear something that you really, really like. But the thing is, is that Tribes started out interesting, but after about five songs it all became a bit samey and all about guitar riffs.

Next on were Is Tropical who were like part Egyptian Hip Hop, part MGMT and part Late of the Pier all mashed into one lovely electropoppy set, but despite Is Tropical being better than the previous band, it was obvious that the audience were only there to see one band and one band only. That band were the Mystery Jets.

During the break between Is Tropical and Mystery Jets, I was able to go where not a lot of people are able to go and that place is backstage. Backstage is a nice little area, with some nice seats and then a door right out at the back with ‘Back Stage’ on which was very cool to be allowed to go into! A massive thanks to Russell from the Concorde who sorted it out for me.

I have been going to gigs for the best part of three years and there have been some really good warm-up songs, but I think that when Being a Dickhead’s Cool was being played just moments before the band came on was one of the best ones yet.
As the Jet’s started with ‘Alice Springs’ from their aptly named third album Serotonin. There was a lot of jumping from the audience during the first three songs which made the photo pit seem like the floor was going to cave in while I was in there.

The evening saw the band play an array of old an new songs such as “The Girl Is Gone”, “Dreaming of Another World”, “Hideaway” and “After Dark” being one of my highlights of the gig. Crowd pleasers such as “Two Doors Down” and “Young Love” were received with delight. I was left slightly disappointed though, as songs from the band’s debut album Making Dens weren’t played and I think they would have been more than welcome in the set.

As the evening drew to a close, fans were screaming for more even though a few did leave the venue before the band returned to play new singles “Show Me The Light”, ‘Veiled in Grey” and set closer “Flakes”. As the third album title suggests, the level of serotonin soared throughout the gig and the audience erupted into rapturous applause at the end.

© Lauren Towner, Music Vice

Mystery Jets played:

‘Alice Springs’
‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’
‘Lady Grey’
‘Young Love’
‘Hand Me Down’
‘After Dark’
‘Flash a Hungry Smile’
‘The Girl is Gone’
‘Two Doors Down’
‘Dreaming of Another World’
‘Behind The Bunhouse’
‘Show Me The Light’
‘Veiled in Grey’

Photos of Mystery Jets, Is Tropical and Tribes at Concorde 2:

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