Owen Pallett at Danforth Music Hall, Toronto — Gig review

May 15, 2014

Owen Pallett

Who: Owen Pallett
Where: Danforth Music Hall
When: Saturday, 10 May 2014
In One Word: Masterful

Owen Pallett never ceases to amaze when it comes to his musicianship. Relying heavily on keyboard and violin, Pallett’s set integrated bass and drums for some added support. However, what Pallett can do simply with a violin and a loop pedal is nothing short of astounding. On Saturday’s gig at the Danforth Music Hall, his skill was just as mesmerizing in person as it was when I discovered one of his live videos online just before starting high school. Pallett’s music has a well-crafted build up, providing perfectly rounded out pieces that mirror the emotional response that occurs when you hear “that song”. What starts off as a simple chord progression eventually escalates as Pallett adds percussive aspects, riffs, and harmonies (most often only through his violin) and creates something wonderfully rich and complex.

Maintaining an incredibly down-to-earth demeanor, Pallett participated in banter and joked around with the audience in his native Toronto. It was a comfortable and enjoyable environment, where everyone was there to listen and take in the meticulous and impressive performance Pallett brings to the stage.

While Pallett performed a solid amount of his previous work, Saturday night was also an opportunity to showcase his new work from his upcoming album, In Conflict, due out May 27th. Although the official release date isn’t until the end of May, show-goers at each of Pallett’s May tour dates had the opportunity to pick up the new album early (and I’m officially kicking myself for not doing so).

Owen Pallett is a force to be reckoned with, musically. Every aspect of his songs are meticulously crafted right down to the last lyric and the last note and the results are something truly beautiful.

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