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June 19, 2012

Parlovr at The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto, NXNE 2012 - photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice
The Gig: Parlovr
Where: Silver Dollar, Toronto, Canada
When: 15 June 2012
In One word: Improvised

I got the chance to see Parlovr open for The Besnard Lakes a few NXNE’s ago. It was such a great show. I was blown away by their musicality and ability to play so freely on their instruments, and some type of indie profound epic Montreal vibe that they exuded. It was just good, and catchy, and well done. However, this time ’round, I was less impressed.

I got the impression they where joking around on stage and totally improvising their songs by singing and performing as a joke of rock music. Yeah, we all know you only need three chords to write a song. Yeah, we all know that you can say any sentence and either scream or repeat a word over and over and you have a song. That is music to a certain degree, but it’s the depth you output in your performance that makes meaning. By depth I don’t mean serious, I just mean how much it matters to the artist. I didn’t get the impression they believed in what they where performing, so naturally, I didn’t really find it credible either.

I spoke to a friend of mine who clarified to me that they specifically did not want to rehearse their new album too much. They wanted to wing their new music when they tour their album this summer because that way they would build a new relationship with their music and never tire of playing and performing their music. By staring out playing with a sense of what you’ve written, then developing it along the way, yeah, I guess you do see a whole new way of performing music and having it be heard. It is an interesting approach to performance that I now respect and am glad I was clarified on. However, if you still a teetering on the idea that you should know your music by heart, if there is an insecurity or doubt in yourself, if you play music purely from your heart and less from technicality and you don’t believe in yourself, I don’t believe in you either. In fact, all I can believe in is the jokester, rebel in you that is an amazing improvisationalist who understands the dynamics of music very well, then takes a piss out of them. Something about that is very Montreal…

Even though I wasn’t enamoured by the music or performance like I was originally, the whole front row at the Silver Dollar was fans singing a long to their songs and digging their favorite songs performed which is always nice to see.

© Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

Parlovr at The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto, NXNE 2012 - photo Glyde Barbey, Music Vice

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