Patrick Watson at The Danforth Music Hall – Gig review

May 31, 2012

Patrick Watson - promotional photoPatrick Watson was ‘out of this world’ on Tuesday in Toronto… (looks grassy).

The Gig: Patrick Watson
Where: Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada
When: 29 May 2012
In One Word: Ethereal

“What a concert! It was other worldly and orchestral. That lighting and music was ethereal, and that  ‘moment around the campfire’ of one microphone: Brilliant and simple intimacy.”

Gushing? Most definitely. The above quote is from my friend DLA who attended this concert with me.

Patrick Watson performed at the Danforth Music Hall; a fabulously intimate, and renovated venue. I’d argue that the Hall may be too small for Patrick Watson and the soaring crescendos of the band’s music. I’d also argue that those crescendos may be a little bit too formulaic, but the band still manages to make the crowd happy.

The show included some spectacular trumpet playing by a local Torontonian that the band “picked up” for the night. The fact that Patrick Watson singing style sounds soooo much like Jeff Buckley, only makes him (and the band), more endearing to me — not least with this show being played on the 15 year anniversay of Jeff’s death.

I believe the true measure of any successful band is their ability to make the paying audience happy. I was part of that paying audience and the show definitely left me with a smile on my face. Ethereal indeed.

© Dee Dee Duric, Music Vice

Dee Dee’s wishes for Patrick to play a bigger hall come true:
Patrick Watson returns to Toronto to play Massey Hall on 6 December. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.

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Patrick Watson

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