Peter Pan Speedrock at Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, 24 April, 2009 – Review

April 25, 2009

Gig review by Music Vice writer Danny Crombie

Gig/Concert: Peter Pan Speedrock with Casino Somethingorother

Venue: Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, Australia (map)
Date: 24 April, 2009

Headliners: Peter Pan Speedrock
In one word: Fast!

Goddamnit, every time I seem to go somewhere I forget my passport and those bouncers never let me in for some reason, and the time I do take it they don’t bother ID’ing you! Tonight is of the former and I gotta go all the way home to get my fucking passport and miss the first two bands.

It’s a strange sight in Australia to see it as rainy and grey as I remember Aberdeen, back in Scotland. Why did I come to this country anyway for it to rain? I only brought one jumper and a denim jacket too! Is it not hot all the time in Australia?

When I get back to the most excellent Ding Dong Lounge (whatever that’s all about) with walls adorned with rock n’ roll posters of old and Melbourne’s rock n’ roll elite, Casino Somethingorother take to the stage. Their like kinda rockabilly or something, the singer has a double bass he’s painted all Kreepsville, but they have a trumpet and a sax.

The band start off a bit slow and don’t quite hit the spot and the bass has a terrible sound that’s a bit like drumsticks hitting off of a table, but as their set goes on the songs get better and they get going. They’re interesting to watch and a good enough support band, yet not a band I’m that much bothered about seeing again.

They’re a bit like Bellrays if Matt Freeman sang for them and some poser like Slash played guitar. They were alright but not all that cohesive, I must say though they were all good at what they played and the sax player really kicked it towards the end.

After a short wait and some rockin’ music on the juke, Peter Pan Speedrock take to the stage. First of all I must admit I’ve never heard them but I do own their split with Zeke, and if they’re on 10” with Blind Marky Felchtone and Co they kick ass by default.

“Peter Van Elderen plays the guitar as if he was born with it in his hand.”

Peter Pan Speedrock do exactly what the latter part of their name says; fast rock n’ roll and they play their shit well. They’re an exciting band to watch and hear and really let rip. For the simplicity of the songs the musicianship is incredible, and Peter Van Elderen plays the guitar as if he was born with it in his hand.

Bart and Bartman on the rhythm section have beats as thick as their mutton chops and lay down a heavy sound underneath it all. Throughout the set they keep a steady and consistent (and tight as fuck) speed and don’t seem to break a sweat.

They cover Batmobile and Turbonegro which really gets the crowd going, they know how to please a crowd and up the tempo once again for the final stretch. They’re a band that seem to attract the Turbojugend (myself inc), and have grown a following from such connections and a no-nonsense approach to Woody Woodpecker-ish rock n’ roll.

After a short break they take back to the stage for an encore playing new songs and once again bringing the intimate crowd into a frenzy then bring up who I assume is the guitarist of Bug Girl to jam with the two Bart’s.

I can honestly tell you people that she is one helluva guitarist and puts my ponce-guitar-wankery to shame and you should all go and listen to ‘em now (which I am about to do). Total respect to her and putting shit male guitarists to shame!

Peter Pan himself comes back on stage and puts the night to bed with…you guessed it! More fastasfuckandloudasfuckrocknfuckinrollmayehm! Oh yes! Oh yes! Go see em now, I demand it! (And bring earplugs, I’m SO glad I did!).

© Danny Crombie

Peter Pan Speedrock

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