Protest The Hero at The Hoxton, Toronto [CMW] – Gig review and photos

March 25, 2013

Protest The Hero at The Hoxton, 22 March 2013 - photo by Amanda Darrock, Music ViceProtest frontman Rody Walker – photo Amanda Darrock, Music Vice Magazine

The Gig: Protest The Hero with Waster, Machines
Where: The Hoxton, Toronto
When: Friday 22 March 2013
In One Word™: Electrifying 

Leave it to Monster Energy to create an adrenaline filled evening of metal, chaos and electrifying music.

On Friday night The Hoxton was taken over by a mixed crowd of young and old all ready to check out the nights bands of Waster, Machines and Protest the Hero as part of CMW.

As the evening started with the mixed silhouettes standing in the darkened venue, the attention soon turned to the stage as shadows were met by burst of lights and a powerful rumbling of electric guitar, kick drum and that ever powerful growl as Waster kicked off the evening with a power-chord fighting to be heard about the cheers and screams of the crowd.

As the adrenaline in the crowd amped up, Machines took the stage. With every song more people appeared in the crowd until the end of Machines set had the room scattered with fans, waiting for the main act of the night.

As the moments past, edging closer to Protest the Hero, there was a push to the front, bodies cramming as close and tight as sardines, all in the hopes that they could get closer and closer to the music.

As Protest came on, the dull lights began to come up and the strings reverberated from the bass, followed by the snare drum and the electric shred of the guitar. Screams erupted from the crowd who instantly began thrashing as soon as front man Rody Walker wrapped his fist around the microphone and let the voice that people have come to know over the past years and albums later.

Not a body was stationary throughout the entire performance. Those who braved the way to the front through the arms in the air, fists forward, like a wave of skin gravitating to the thrashing sounds.

The heart-pounding beat, the guitar rifts and the growl of Walker’s voice created the adrenaline for the capacity audience who fought to the front to be dragged on stage, only to be flung into the crowd on their own accord to surf the powerful energy. The waves were relentless.

Playing not only new songs but also crowd favourites such as “Bloodmeat”, Walker powered up the crowd before the end of the night with the quote “ Rock and roll ain’t dead, f***ing radio is. It’s not if you believe in rock and roll, it’s if rock and roll believes in you.”

As with any Protest the Hero show, the band went out with a bang, leaving a haunting buzz of electrified atmosphere and the panting of fans as they ventured out of the sardine lock.

©  Amanda Darrock, Music Vice

Protest The Hero photographs by Amanda Darrock/Music Vice:

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