Gig review: Purity Ring at Sound Academy, Toronto

October 25, 2015

Purity Ring - photo Brian Banks, Ring returned to Toronto to play Sound Academy – photo Brian Banks (Field Trip, 2015)

Who: Purity Ring
Where: Sound Academy, Toronto
When: 22 October 2015
In one word: Flawless

Purity Ring returned to Toronto on Thursday October 22nd at The Sound Academy. Luckily, there were no technical issues in comparison to their last set at Field Trip this past June where the power went out three separate times.

The duo entered the stage right on time at 10:15pm, and the crowd could not have been more hyped. After a few songs in, singer Megan James said “It’s great to back, Toronto’s sweet!”. She didn’t speak much throughout the set, however, when she did she spoke so passionately. James is an artist who thoroughly appreciates her opportunity to perform and genuinely wants to be on the stage. You can tell she is doing what she loves when she is performing, and how happy she gets from crowd response.

The lighting was phenomenal, which is no surprise to Purity Ring fans. The lighting is always an amazing contribution to the show, and it is a large part of why I love watching them so much. For each song, the lighting became more advanced and had more variety, which definitely left you wondering after each song what it would look like next. My only complaint would be that the back lighting and lights at the top of the stage sometimes faded out the setup. Also, the smoke machine was only working at the left side of the stage, which was kind of distracting to me, but it wasn’t a huge flaw. Additionally, there wasn’t a ton of smoke that came out so I think either have lots of it or none at all, because it also faded out the stage.

My favourite performance was “Bodyache”; it had the best lighting, performance quality, and crowd response. Surprisingly, it had more response than “Push-Pull”, which I would consider more popular and amped up than “Bodyache”. They closed the set with “Begin Again”, which I was actually disappointed about. In a way that is a biased opinion because I personally am not a huge fan of that song however, I think they should’ve closed the set with “Push-Pull” or “Repetition”, they should’ve went out with a bang. Not to say that the closing performance wasn’t good but, I think they could’ve picked a better song to close. Often you see majority of artists/bands close their sets with their most popular song, and that was what I expected.

Overall, it was a great performance. Fans never get tired of Megan’s original outfits, the amazing lighting, Corin’s flawless instrumentals, and the overall performance. The duo is still new to the music scene and they’re already so amazing, it makes me wonder how much better than can get. Looking forward to seeing them again, and I highly recommend their live show to anyone interested.

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