Regina Spektor at the Sony Centre, Toronto – Concert review

October 28, 2012

The Gig: Regina Spektor
Where: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto, Ontario
When: Thursday 11 October
In One Word: Raw

Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

After reviewing Regina Spektor’s latest album What We Saw from the Cheap Seats earlier this year, I was bemoaning that fact that she was not going to make a stop in Toronto on the first leg of her tour. Luckily, there was a

second leg and Regina Spektor came to Toronto to perform at the Sony Centre. I’ve seen many different performances in this venue and I must admit that the acoustics are perfect for the intimate, piano centred, style of music that Regina Spektor is known for. The set – up on stage, with Regina front and centre and the rest of the band just behind her drums, cello, keyboards – was simple yet dynamic.

Regina Spektor’s voice shone through the entire set and encore. There were a couple of hiccups, when she screwed up a couple of songs, stopping and telling the audience she was going to begin again – no problem, she’s only human. Moments like those are what fans live for – cheering her on when she admitted to the stumble and enjoying the “do over.”

The set list was a crowd pleaser, songs old and new, with a cover tune of a Russian song thrown in for good measure. I don’t remember the last time I was as impressed with the acoustics of a concert as I was with this one. Good on the Sony Centre for allowing a terrific artist to showcase her talents with their superb sound system. My expectations for the night were more than fulfilled; they were surpassed. It was a truly enjoyable evening.

© Dee Dee Duric, Music Vice

P.S. Sony Centre Management, please bear in mind that cup holders work much better on the arm of a chair – not the back!

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