Review — Safia Nolin and Les Deux Luxes at the Great Hall, Toronto — CMW

May 7, 2016


Who: Safia Nolin, Les Deux Luxes
Where: The Great Hall, Toronto
When: 6 May 2016
In one word: Forgettable

Friday night at CMW started for me at the Bonsound label showcase at the Great Hall. Quebec’s Safia Nolin sung something uninspiring in French, accompanied by a capable but dull guitarist. Stripped-down only works if you have the bare goods. Really, just not that interesting.


Les Deux Luxes came on next – a two-piece rock band, with a female vocalist and guitarist, and a male drummer, who also sometimes twangs a guitar too.  The singer wore a white tasselled outfit that Freddie Mercury would have been proud of, but that was the only memorable part of their set. And no, they are not a “bit like the White Stripes”, as I had overheard from someone in the crowd – other than having two members.

It was time to abide the golden rule of showcase music festivals: if it’s not happening, just leave and move on to another venue.

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