Sex Panther with Wednesday Society at the Artrage Bakery, Northbridge, Australia, 13 February, 2009 – Review

February 14, 2009
Gig/Concert: Sex Panther at The Bakery

Venue: Artrage Bakery, Northbridge, Western Australia (map)
Date: February 13, 2009

Headliners: Sex Panther
In one word: Epileptic

It’s Friday 13th, hurray! What do we do, where do we go on such a glorious day? I love these superstitious days – I’m no pagan or anything like that but it’s cool all the same. Did anyone do anything on 6/6/6? I put on a gig with some really great bands back home and lost a heap of money –ah, the good ol’ days! Anyway…

After a chance scan of the drum media we see Sex Panther are playing the Artrage Bakery in Northbridge (one of the more dodgy, but fun areas). We caught them at the Amplifier bar a few weeks back and enjoyed every second of it – night out sorted.

After spending too much time downing our alternative valentines day meal, myself and the woman make our way to the show, passing the really dodgy bits to get to the bit where shootings took place not long ago, what are we doing!?

The Bakery looks amazing, a proper local artists paradise – covered in big lights and various Bauhaus type design nods in places. It also boasts an extravagant coat of arms on the door and some of the best wallpaper in town.

The stage is covered in gigantic dream catchers, palm leaves and mannequins with beads and feather head dresses, the backdrop says Aztec Hideous. I love it when bands put everything they can into their set and it really makes a local gig something special.

We miss the first band but catch half of Astral Travel. The band consists of three girls and a guy on drums and they look quite nervous. They play 80’s jangly indie, sounding a bit like Bloc Party with more going on. The singer looks endearingly geeky and wails along to the fuzzy guitars. There’s a few fuck ups but they’re good all the same.

Next up is the Wednesday Society, who come into the ring to the sounds of Iron Man. They sound a bit like Fickle Public at first, angular guitars, punchy bass and interesting drums. They quickly break out of Dischordian clichés when the singer breaks out a trumpet – yes! Their set sweeps on with the weird shit and includes a megaphone, synth and a lot of great drumming. Like Fickle Public, this band could go real far with a great EP behind them and some enthusiastic DJs.

After a 20 minute break Sex Panther take to the stage under a cloud of smoke and feathers. The whole crowd moves forward to watch them do their thing. Tonight is also the launch of their first 7” (which I will also be reviewing) and their really making a party out of it. The band really has something special going for them, and put on a good show yet again.

The bass player has a super cool Kim Gordon type thing going on; she plays without any shoes on and makes stances the whole evening. She plays one of those headless Ibanez things and makes the monstrosity actually look cool.

The drummer is shit hot and keeps the whole thing together. She’s probably the best drummer in the room and plays really hard throughout the whole set, definitely someone not to mess with. The guitarist seems like the brains behind it all, though perhaps I’m wrong. She plays two badass guitars, one that looks a bit like that Matt Skiba signature but with a metal scratch-plate and a tone button. She’s a good musician and always makes sure to keep in tune.

The singer growls and purrs all the tunes in her high pitched Aussie accent; I’m not sure how well it will translate onto record but she sounds fucking good live. When the lights go strobe crazy she apologises to anyone with epilepsy in the crowd, and after Primal Scream a few days back I think I have epilepsy now.

The set goes past quickly and the Panthers kick arse the whole time, they are great musicians and have a brilliant stage presence. The last song of the set begin and two guys jump on stage to dance, one looks like the taxi driver from the Chili’s By The Way video and another guy who looks like the statue of liberty, their crazed dancing makes everyone’s face light up and generates incredible laughter, definitely the ultimate point of the set.

The band stop and shoo everyone away, we go and buy a 7” and head out into the rough night ahead. See you soon Sex Panther.

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