Sigur Rós at Echo Beach, Toronto – Review and photo gallery *updated*

August 2, 2012

Sigur Ros at Echo Beach, Toronto - photo by Brian Banks, Music Vice

The Gig: Sigur Ros
Where: Toronto, Canada
When: 1 August 2012
In One Word: Submerging

“Echo Beach, far away in time…” – I can’t help but hear that refrain when I arrive at this concert venue to see one of my favourite all time bands circa 2001 – 2003. Brian provided tremendous detail in a previous posting for this new outdoor, waterfront-based Toronto music venue, so I’ll keep my comments to a minimum.

I was first introduced to the music of Sigur Ros in 2001. It was love at first listen. I was fortunate enough to see them in concert at Massey Hall twice. The more memorable of the two was the October 2002 show when I decided that I was going to make a bootleg recording of their performance. Second row seating, the relatively subdued audience (seated venues tend to do this), and some pretty decent equipment help to set the wheels in motion.

Sigur Ros perform melodic, anthemic and quite frankly, wonderful soundtrack music and Massey Hall is the perfect venue that allows the listener to become fully immersed in the sound for optimal enjoyment. Outdoor venues like Echo Beach, although beautiful especially on a beautiful night, have too much going on to allow the intimate, personal enjoyment of this band. Don’t get me wrong, the performance was fantastic. Sigur Ros made sure to play all of their fan favourites and the sound quality was great. The Lighting was right, the moon hung up just so – I couldn’t ask for a better night to experience an outdoor concert.  I just feel that the open air lends to a certain amount of listener ADD. Wandering around, I heard too much peripheral noise and saw a lot of movement by the audience. So I did the smart thing and walked to the beer tent to sit at a table and enjoy the music in a more civilized manner. The ambient noise and movement pretty much eliminated by a little distance gave me the opportunity to enjoy the music the way I like it – completely submerging.

© Dee Dee Duric, Music Vice

Photos by Brian Banks of Sigur Ros performing at Echo Beach, Toronto.

Sigur Ros at Echo Beach, Toronto - photo by Brian Banks, Music ViceSigur Ros at Echo Beach, Toronto - photo by Brian Banks, Music Vice

Sigur Ros at Echo Beach, Toronto - photo by Brian Banks, Music Vice

All photographs by Brian Banks. Full gallery here (click to enlarge each photo):

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