Skipping Girl Vinegar at The Toff In Town, Melbourne – Gig review

September 21, 2010

Skipping Girl Vinegar at The Toff In Town, Melbourne - photo by Michael Bowser, Music Vice
The Gig: Skipping Girl Vinegar
Where: The Toff In Town, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
When: 18 September 2010
In One Word: Gleeful

I’ll come clean “right off the bat”, as they say, and admit that this will be one of the shortest reviews I’ll ever write because:  A. I missed the opening acts (in spite of arriving at 9-something pm on a Saturday night?), and B. There isn’t a whole lotta ravin’ someone can do about a band as fundamentally joy-inducing as this one.

Those who know me well know damn well that I’m not terribly partial to “happy” kinda music, but when it’s as well-realised as Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar, it’s hard to keep a smile off one’s face.  This is gleeful, bouncy music of the highest order.  I recently received a single of theirs which claimed to evidence a “hobo aesthetic”, and this is nicely represented tonight by empty water bottles fulla rocks and old-school telephones being rhythmically dialled all the way to “0” (all due kudos to the female band member willing to fulfil these impressive duties)!

The set highlight for yours truly is, undeniably, the brand-spanking-new stomper of a single, “Wasted”, a song admittedly not quite indicative of their overall sound…but if you can stomach music that is built around a painfully sincere and not-exactly-photogenic sonovabitch singin’ an’ strummin’ with a helluva backing band to lend him wings, this group is probably gonna blow you blissfully away.  I personally tend to take an instant disliking to any and all sensitive-new-age-wankers-with-an-acoustic-guitar, and even I had a shit-eating grin permanently plastered to my face for the hour-plus duration of this set!  A good pop song will always be a good pop song, whatever format it’s presented in, and that’s what this band ultimately specialise in.  Fuckin’ NOICE, people.

© Michael Bowser, Music Vice

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